White Peak Walk - 12th July 2008
Date 12th July 2008 Description White Peak Walk
Start Point Monyash Village Peaks Climbed  
Total Time 8hrs 23min <--- Time Taken  
Walking Time 7hrs 53min    
Stopped Time 0hrs 30min    
Distance 26.50 miles    
Moving Average 3.4 mph Start Grid Ref SK 14985 66565
Elevation at Start 265 metres Temperature 15-18°C
Total Ascent 1,180 metres Weather Rain, Cloud & Sun
Max Elevation 422 metres Walking With 285 Walkers & Runners

Monyash Village - Waterloo Hotel - Brushfield - Bakewell - Calton Lees - Rowsley - Birchover - Harthill Moor - Long Rake - Monyash Village

This was my fourth attempt at the White Peak Walk which I think is my favourite challenge walk in the Peak District. Since 2005 I have undertaken the 26 mile route in varied and changing weather conditions. However the time taken to complete the route has not changed that much really. The details are as follows...

2005 9 hours 25 minutes (in VERY HOT conditions)
2006 8 hours 35 minutes
2007 8 hours 12 minutes
2008 8 hours 23 minutes (met up with friend on Stanton Moor – approx 10 minute delay)

Today’s walk started with some drizzle and mainly cloudy conditions. There had been quite a lot of rain prior to the start which made the conditions quite slippery underfoot. This year there were around 300 walkers and runners which would start the challenging course. Walking out of Monyash at a fairly fast past and starting up Blackwell Lane one of the lady walkers fell on the slippery stones in front of me and I think in fact she was winded by the fall. Asking if she was ok I then carried onwards to Flagg. The wet and cloudy conditions prevailed for about the first two hours of the walk. After this time the day improved and was a lot more enjoyable.

As I progressed I noticed from my GPS that I was walking at an average of 4.5 miles per hour for the first 8 miles or so. I always seem to walk faster at the start and then slow down for the rest of the walk. I guess I also have a few very short breaks to stop for food and especially water which is essential on a walk of this nature. If I had carried on at the same rate as the first 8 miles I would have finished in around 6 hours – maybe one year!!!??

The experiences of this year’s walk were about as eventful as previous years. The only real exception was meeting up with a friend from the OFC (Online Fellwalking Club) on Stanton Moor. It was quite a strange situation really as saw a man in the distance consulting his map – and I thought “is he lost or does he need any help?” As I neared and he put his map away to continue walking towards me that I suddenly thought “that is Mark Richards!!” What a “chance” meeting this was – I could not believe it!! Mark is the author of many excellent walking books mainly of the Lake District and the Peak District. Today he was researching a walk around Stanton Moor for inclusion in the updated Peak District books. Mark has written several books recently (published through Cicerone) including “Great Mountain Days in the Lake District” and the first two updated books in the Fellranger series based on the 214 Wainwright fells.

I arrived back in Monyash at 6.23pm and ready for such refreshments. Pie & Peas and Fruit Salad as well as a well earned cup of tea. Yet again this was another brilliant walk. WELL DONE to all invoved!! Roll on next year!!

© Crown Copywright. All rights reserved. Licence number 100047125
© Crown Copywright. All rights reserved. Licence number 100047125

Reference Books Used

Maps Used
OL24 Explorer - The Peak District (White Peak Area)
Registration in Monyash Village Hall
Noticeboard in Monyash Village Hall
Registration in Monyash Village Hall
Peter Skinner in Monyash Village Hall
Getting ready for walk in Monyash Village Hall
Walking to start past Bulls Head in Monyash
Gathering at the start of the walk
Gathering at the start of the walk
First fields to cross to Flagg
Walking part of the Limestone Way
Walking through the long grass to Flagg
Checkpoint 1 - Waterloo Hotel
Checkpoint 2 - Brushfield
Looking back down to Monsal Head viaduct
Walking along the Monsal Trail
Railway station along Monsal Trail
Path from Monsal Trail to Bakewell
Path to Rowsley
River Wye in Bakewell
Path towards Bakewell
River Wye in Bakewell
Pond on Calton Pastures
Checkpoint 4 - Calton Lees
Muddy path to Rowsley

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