Derwent Edge - 4th April 2009
Date 4th April 2009 Description Derwent Edge
Start Point Heatherdene Car Park Peaks Climbed Lost Lad 518m
Total Time 5hrs 20min    Back Tor 538m
Walking Time 4hrs 10min   Dovestone Tor 505m
Stopped Time 1hrs 10min   White Tor 487m
Distance 10.50 miles   Wheel Stones 481m
Moving Average 2.5 mph   Whinstone Lee Tor 415m
Elevation at Start 215 metres Start Grid Ref SK 20235 85902
Total Ascent 520 metres Temperature 4-8°C
Max Elevation 538 metres Weather Mainly Sunny, Wind on Tops
    Walking With Members of OFC

Heatherdene Car Park (SK 202 859) next to Ladybower Reservoir on the A6013 between Bamford and Ashopton - Ashopton - Ladybower Reservoir - Pike Low - Green Sitches - Lost Lad - Back Tor - Dovestone Tor - White Tor - Whinstone Lee Tor - Ashopton - Ladybower Inn - Heatherdene Car Park

After a band of rain the night before the forecast for the day was for an improving situation. In fact as we all met in Heatherdene Car Park the sun was trying to appear from behind the clouds. Today’s walkers who were bright, eager and early were mainly from the north west of the country. The party members were Lorraine, Steve, Ed, Simon, Richard, Keith and I.

We set off from Heatherdene Car Park and walked alongside Ladybower Reservoir. There were great views across the reservoir to Win Hill and Crook Hill. Here the A6013 crosses a short arm of Ladybower Reservoir to join the A57 Snake Road. We followed the A57 for a short distance before turning north along a path alongside the northern arm of Ladybower Reservoir. There were great views once again looking up the derwent valley. After a while we arrived at the site of the old Derwent village. This was the point where we left the reservoir path for Derwent Edge. It took us a little time to find the path that we wanted – as we thought that we must have missed the turning.

The path then ascended up the hillside passing some old buildings from the former Derwent village. On the ascent there were several stiles where the top section of the stile had to be lifted. Eventually we entered open moorland and the National Trust land of Pike Low. This was time for a short break and a photo shoot. The path was quite obvious from now on and there were several finger post signs showing the way to Derwent Edge. On the moorland we encountered many grouse butts as well as Shake Holes (which are quite abundant in the Yorkshire Dales). This is also an area for Red Grouse and Mountain Hares both of which we saw as we walked across Green Sitches.

Back TorThe final push to the summit of Lost Lad was quite steep but the views were tremendous. Lost Lad at 518 metres has a topograph and a large cairn. After another short break we continued on towards the rocky outcrop of Back Tor at 538 metres. Back Tor has a triangulation pillar on top of the highest point as well as some very interesting wind carved rocks. This was when Steve was really in his element. Every rock outcrop had now to be climbed – some were easier than others. Ed, Richard and Simon also attempted some of the rocks too. While at Back Tor – and after many photos taken – we tried to find a sheltered spot for our lunch break. It seemed to get very windy while we were there so extra layers of clothing had to be applied. While the sun was out it was quite warm but when the sun disappeared it became quite cold.

After an intake of food and drink we started back along Derwent Edge to Cakes of Bread (another rock formation). These rocks were mainly surrounded by water – and of course had to be climbed! Then after passing Dovestone Tor we arrived at the Salt Cellar. After a couple of attempts Steve was beaten!! This one was much too hard to negotiate. Walking further along the Edge we came to Wheel Stones.

While we were walking along Derwent Edge the sun was in and out all the time. The views west and north from here are great and one can see Win Hill, Ladybower Reservoir, The Great Ridge (Lose Hill, Back Tor and Mam Tor), Edale, Kinder Scout and Bleaklow as well as many other sights. After Wheel Stones the path descends down to Whinstone Lee Tor. Again there were fantastic views especially northwards up the length of Ladybower Reservoir. From here the path descended steeply down off the moorland and down through woods to Ashopton.

We then headed to the Ladybower Inn for well deserved refreshments. The food was excellent but the decoration on Richard's dish was a bit over the top to say the least. This was a great day enjoyed by all with a lot of fun and laughter throughout – AND - we did not have a drop of rain!


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OL1 Explorer - The Peak District (Dark Peak Area)
Win Hill & Ladybower Reservoir
Ladybower Reservoir
Ladybower Reservoir from path
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Ladybower Reservoir
Woodland path to Derwent Village
Ladybower Reservoir with air vent
Path continues to Derwent Village
Old Derwent Village building
A bit of a crowd here!!!
Towards Dovestone Clough
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Path to Pike Low
Pike Low - National Trust land
OFC members on path to Pike Low
Taking in the scenery
Lots of footpath signs around here!!
Pike Low to Derwent Edge
Lost Lad Summit
Lost Lad Summit - Topograph and Cairn
OFC members at summit of Lost Lad
Ed at Lost Lad Topograph
Rock formation at Back Tor
Rock formation at Back Tor
Back Tor Summit
Back Tor ridge
Lorraine takes photo of Back Tor
Back Tor Summit
Back Tor Summit
Back Tor Summit
Lorraine at Back Tor Summit
Richard on Back Tor Summit taking in the view
Back Tor Summit
Taking a photo of Steve taking a photo of me
Steve says "I can fly"
Richard scales the "Cakes of Bread"
Cakes of Bread
Ed and Simon on Cakes of Bread
Salt Cellar
A grouse shows its head
Ladybower Reservoir from Whinstone Lee Tor
Lorraine taking photos at Whinstone Lee Tor
Ladybower Reservoir from Whinstone Lee Tor
Ladybower Reservoir from below Whinstone Lee Tor
Ladybower Reservoir and Lorraine from Whinstone Lee Tor
Ladybower Reservoir from path back to Ladybower Inn
Ladybower Reservoir from path back to Ladybower Inn
Marching back to Ladybower Inn - Ok Steve we get the hint!!

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