Pendle Hill - 18th April 2009
Date 18th April 2009 Description Pendle Hill
Start Point Barley Car Park Peaks Climbed Pendle Hill 557m
Total Time 6hrs 00min    Stang Moor Top 324m
Walking Time 4hrs 30min    
Stopped Time 1hrs 30min    
Distance 10.25 miles    
Moving Average 2.3 mph Start Grid Ref SD 8233 4035
Elevation at Start 230 metres Temperature 12-15°C
Total Ascent 500 metres Weather Sunny, Hazy, Wind on Tops
Max Elevation 557 metres Walking With Members of OFC

Barley Car Park (SD 823 403) – Barley Green – Lower Ogden Reservoir – Upper Ogden Reservoir – Ogden Clough – Pendle Hill – Beacon or Big End Trig Pillar (557 metres) – Pendle Side – Windy Harbour – Salt Pie – Lower Black Moss Reservoir – Upper Black Moss Reservoir – Stang Top Moor Trig Pillar (324 metres) – White Hough – Barley Car Park

This was a grand day to be out on the moors. Although it was hazy in the valleys from the tops and a little cloudy at times we had blue skies and sun for much of the day. It seems the OFC spell of bad weather has now been well and truly broken. On the way into Barley I had great views towards Pendle Hill from near Newchurch in Pendle.

We met at the car park in Barley at 9.30am and although we were meant to start at 10.00am we were under way by 9.45am with everyone turning up early. Just before we started a very kind lady took several photos from several cameras of the band of OFC’ers. On today’s walk were Richard Ratcliffe (our organisor and navigator for the day) and his brother Peter, Liz Lemal, Barrie Fearnley, David Dimmock, Josie Dimmock, Simon Howard, Lorraine Barks, Ed Harrison, Sara Boyle and myself Neil Haslewood. All in all this was a great bunch of walkers if I might say.

Barley is a lovely little village with great character. From the car park we headed out of the village along a lane towards Lower Ogden Reservoir. This was the first point on the walk for a photo taking session. The reservoir is located in lovely setting with Fell Wood and the moors behind. Further along the lane/track we came to Upper Ogden Reservoir. Amazingly the reservoir was almost empty with just a trickle of water flowing down towards the lower reservoir. After a short debate (the first of the day) we headed up the side of Barley Moor instead of walking through the rocky bottom of Ogden Clough. However we did follow the route of Ogden Clough from a higher vantage point and walked around the edge of Barley Moor on a well trodden path until we reached a wall. We then followed the wall uphill to a fantastic view point on Pendle Hill over the valley below and beyond. Although it was hazy we could see Clitheroe, Chatburn and Downham below as well as a very faint outline of Penyghent and Whernside on the horizon.

From the view point we walked a short distance to a round shelter on the edge of Pendle Hill – which gave just enough room for most the OFC walkers who made the trip there. Mind you the entrance was extremely narrow and our rucksacks nearly got in the way! We eventually retraced our steps back to the wall and boundary stone and scaled a high wooden stile over the wall (this was in fact the first of many stiles that we had to help Barrie’s dog over). We then walked around the edge of Pendle Hill to reach another wall. The summit of Pendle Hill was now clearly in sight. We decided to have our lunch next to the wall as it gave us protection against the wind. After a good break for our refreshments we then walked the short distance to the summit of Pendle Hill at 557 metres. The summit is also named Beacon or Big End. The views from the top were great and it was also another opportunity for a photo shoot. One gentleman at the summit asked if I would like my photo taken with my camera – to which I replied “yes please”. Then he asked Lorraine – and then he really got confused and surprised as we all gathered at the trig point – mind you he did take a few photos of us all at the summit in the end though – thank you to whoever he was.

After leaving the summit we walked along the ridge to where the path turns steeply down towards the bottom of Pendle Hill. Coming down the hill there were great views across to Lower and Upper Black Moss Reservoirs – which we were to visit later. We then walked along a lane at Pendle Side, crossed a road and followed a path across a field to Windy Harbour Farm. There was another field to cross before we arrived at Salt Pie! – a very unusual name if I might say! We carried on to the edge of Lower Black Moss Reservoir. Here we had another debate as to which route we should take. We decided to take the path by the side of Upper Black Moss Reservoir to another road. After a short distance along the road we turned off again across a boggy field eventually reaching a stile taking us through someone’s garden. Very odd – but the stiles were very nicely made!!
Soon after we arrived at our next destination – the summit of Stang Moor Top (324 metres) and its triangulation pillar. A very run down area here with an old quarry and tip!! Off we set again across fields (not too sure which direction to take) to an Outdoor Centre near White Hough. The path back to the car park in Barley was very nice as we followed a wooded stream.

Afterwards it was drinks in the Barley Inn. What a fantastic day it was – and again in great company. Thanks to everyone who came to make this walk such a good one. And finally - a big thank you to Richard for making this walk happen in the first place. Roll on next time!


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OL41 Explorer - Forest of Bowland & Ribblesdale
Pendle from near Newchurch in Pendle
Barley Village Sign
Lower Ogden Reservoir
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Stream in Barley - Pendle Water
Lower Ogden Reservoir
Upper Ogden Reservoir overflow
Newly born lambs
Strange name for a farm!
A nearly empty Upper Ogden Reservoir
Approaching Upper Ogden Reservoir
Setting off again from Upper Ogden Reservoir
Upper Ogden Reservoir
“Single File”
Just a trickle of water heads down for Upper Ogden Reservoir
Decisions Decisions!!
Ogden Clough
Ogden Clough
Many Ups and Downs around here!
Ogden Clough
Looking up small valley from Ogden Clough
“And you expect me to cross that!!!”
Sam has a quick drink
Ok then - lets all have a quick drink
The first of many boundary stones - this one is above Ogden Clough
Towards Clitheroe from Pndle Hill
A boundary stone in a wall!!
Ed takes a great shot from Pendle Hill - Just cant quite see whats on the camera screen!
Clitheroe from Pendle Hill
Chatburn and Downham from Pendle Hill
Another Boundary Stone - this time next to wall on Pendle Hill
Towards the Yorkshire Dales from Pendle Hill
Downham from Pendle Hill
Marching off to Shelter on Pendle Hill
Shelter on Pendle Hill
Shelter on Pendle Hill
Richard at Shelter on Pendle Hill
A narrow exit!!
More stiles - Ed tries this one sideways!!
Liz negotiates one of the many stiles
David makes scaling the stile look easy
Pendle Hill Triangulation Pillar (557 metres)
Liz and Barrie taking in the sunshine
Ooops ... the whole world tilts!!
Thats me at Pendle Hill Triangulation Pillar (557 metres)
Pendle Hill Trig Point with Black Moss Reservoirs
David and Josie at Pendle Hill Trig Point
Richard salutes on top of Pendle Hill Trig Point
Black Moss Reservoirs from Pendle Hill
Pendle Hill Triangulation Pillar (557 metres)
Along the ridge - Pendle Hill
I reckon its this way!!
Descending Pendle Hill
Black Moss Reservoirs from Cairn on Pendle Hill
The main path up Pendle Hill (this was not our route today)
Pendle Hill path
Sheep with young lambs
Sam is carried over the stile - “Over to you Barrie!!”
Scene in local garden
A modern tractor!!??
Pendle Hill from Upper Black Moss Reservoir
A very quaint stile and gate - out of a garden
Stang Top Moor Triangulation Pillar (324 metres)
A “bit of a tip” around here!!
Stream on way back into Barley village
”All Witches on Broomsticks This Way“

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