The Edge - 31st January 2009
Date 31st January 2009 Description The Edge
Start Point Bowden Bridge Peaks Climbed The Edge 624m
Total Time 4hrs 30min   Kinder Low 633m
Walking Time 3hrs 40min    
Stopped Time 0hrs 50min    
Distance 8.75 miles    
Moving Average 2.4 mph Start Grid Ref SK 04855 86938
Elevation at Start 214 metres Temperature 2°C to 3°C (-3°C on Kinder Edge)
Total Ascent 560 metres Weather Hazy Sun (Cloud Later) - Windy
Max Elevation 633 metres Walking With On Own

Bowden Bridge Car Park - White Brow - William Clough - Sandy Heys - The Edge Trig Point - Kinder Downfall - Kinder Low - Edale Cross - Oaken Clough - Coldwell Clough - Bowden Bridge Car Park

I ventured north to Hayfield on a cold and windy day. At least there was some sun although it was hazy and the forecast for the next few days was for heavy snow. I therefore thought that it was a good opportunity to get out before the snowy weather arrived.

I parked in the Bowden Bridge car park and then headed along the Kinder Road towards Kinder Reservoir. After a short distance I took the path through the woods alongside the River Kinder. Eventually I arrived at the gates to the buildings beneath the reservoir where I then took the path starting to the left of the gates and followed a track up steeply to the start of the reservoir. The path contours the reservoir below White Brow. The views across the reservoir are great. After a short while the path follows one of the spurs of the reservoir to the start of William Clough. Here there is a lovely bridge across the brook. There was also some woman all with their hands in the air!!! Not sure what that was all about other than it was probably some sort of prayer or healing exercise!!

The ascent of William Clough is lovely with lots of cascades and waterfalls. My walk today has so far followed the events of the Kinder Trespass of Sunday April 24 1932. On that day about 400 ramblers set off from Bowden Bridge quarry. About halfway up William Clough the trespassers scrambled up towards the Kinder Plateau and came face-to-face with the Duke of Devonshire’s gamekeepers. In the ensuing scuffle one keeper was slightly hurt as the ramblers pressed on to the plateau. Here they were greeted by a group of Sheffield based trespassers who had set off that morning crossing Kinder from Edale. After exchanging congratulations the two groups joyously retraced their steps the Sheffield trespassers back to Edale and the Manchester contingent to Hayfield. As they returned to the village, five ramblers were arrested by police accompanied by keepers and taken to the Hayfield Lock-up. The day after the trespass the five ramblers were charged at New Mills Police Court with unlawful assembly and breach of the peace.

At the top of William Clough (which forms part of the Snake Path) the path ascends steeply onto the edge of the Kinder Plateau. It had been quite sunny up to this point but now the conditions had become hazy and very windy. As I rounded one corner along the edge I was almost blown off my feet. It was then a case of “head down” as I continued to where it was more sheltered. When I arrived at Sandy Heys I turned north east across the peaty landscape to The Edge triangulation pillar. The peat was almost frozen which made walking a whole lot easier. I did not have to make any detours to arrive at the trig point. The Edge pillar (S3443) stands at 624 metres and is only 12 metres off the summit of Kinder Scout. After a short stop at the trig point I returned back to the path along the Kinder edge.

The next viewpoint was the Kinder Downfall where an infant River Kinder plunges down the steep rocky cliffs to the valley and reservoir below. Today the river was falling downwards which made a change from the last few times I have been there. I continued along the edge passing Red Brook to Kinder Low triangulation pillar. The weather was certainly very different to when I was last here with the cold and wind so I decided not to hang around for too long. I descended to Edale Rocks and then passing Swine’s Back I descended down again to the cross of paths (533 metres). From here I took the Hayfield path passing the ancient Edale Cross and Oaken Clough to Coldwell Clough. This is a rough track which is used by many mountain bikes. From Coldwell Clough I followed the path downhill passing The Ashes back to where I started from at Bowden Bridge car park. This was an excellent walk and at just under 9 miles is a good day’s family walk.


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OL1 Explorer - The Peak District (Dark Peak Area)
Kinder Road
Booth Sheep Wash
Approaching the Kinder Reservoir Dam
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Woodland Walk to Kinder Reservoir
The National Trust - White Brow
Path descends to follow edge of Kinder Reservoir
Kinder Reservoir
Path next to Kinder Reservoir
William Clough ahead - this is the path of the Trespass
Bridge over brook at start of William Clough
William Clough - The Fight (Right) to Roam
William Clough
William Clough
Path to the top of William Clough
Waterfalls in William Clough
Path in William Clough
Looking towards Kinder Edge
Path to ascend Kinder Edge
The blue sky shaped like a Vulcan aircraft - firing a laser beam into the hillside on Kinder Edge - well it looks like that anyway!!
Mill Hill from Kinder Edge
Mill Hill from ascent onto Kinder Edge
Kinder Edge
The Edge Triangulation Pillar (S3443)
The Edge Triangulation Pillar (S3443)
An old Edge Triangulation Pillar (S3443)
An old Edge Triangulation Pillar (S3443)
The Edge Triangulation Pillar (S3443)
The Edge Triangulation Pillar (S3443)
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The Edge Triangulation Pillar (S3443) across a frozen pond
Zooming into The Edge Triangulation Pillar (S3443) across a frozen pond
The Edge Triangulation Pillar (S3443)
Sandy Heys
Kinder Edge at the top of Kinder Downfall
Kinder Downfall
Kinder Downfall
Frozen ice near path (strange formation!!)
Kinder Edge
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Frozen ice
Kinder Low Triangulation Pillar
New slabs for path at Swines Back
Helicopter Airlift notice at Swines Back
Edale Cross
South Head from path near Oaken Clough
South Head and Mount Famine from path near Oaken Clough
"Trespass" Poem on a seat at Bowden Bridge
Kinder Trespass Plaque at Bowden Bridge Car Park

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